In order to truly recover from a disaster of this magnitude, you have to first restore the most basic building blocks that make a community. Housing, Schools, Businesses, Churches and our workforce–it’s what makes us who we are and that’s where the help will go first.






Many of our citizens depend on tourism and the service industry to help them thrive. But, what you may not realize is that most of your most beloved places don’t look anything like they used to.

Pictured here is just one of many Port A businesses still trying to recover after the storm. On the left you can see what Moby Dicks looked like before Harvey. On the right…post Harvey.

Slide the orange bar to see the dramatic devastation this local business suffered.

The New Day Port A Fund was formed in conjunction with Cinnamon Shore, City of Port Aransas, and Port Aransas & Mustang Island Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau in response to Hurricane Harvey that occurred in Port Aransas, Texas in August 2017. The fund was established to assist hurricane victims with support and recovery. The New Day Fund will continue to accept donations from all sectors and be utilized solely on the recovery effort on the Port A community from Hurricane Harvey.